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#Occupy Teach for America!

“Perhaps the greatest of all pedagogical fallacies is the notion that a person learns only the particular thing he is studying at the time.”

John Dewey –
Education Philosopher and Reformer

This year Teach for America has removed the eligibility requirement barring educators from applying for teaching positions.


There are a couple of reasons licensed teachers may want to consider Teach for America (TFA). First and foremost, TFA has exclusive contracts with school districts to fill a predetermined number of teaching jobs even if those school districts have a long list of licensed applicants. Professionals can't get those jobs without going through Teach for America. Another reason is the benefits, including debt relief, educator discounts, scholarships, and no interest loans that aren't available to licensed teachers.

If you have teaching credentials, or will by fall of 2012, you can find out how to apply to Teach for America here!

In years past, those with education credentials did not meet eligibility requirements. For decades Wendy Kopp has said that professional teachers would not teach in the schools where Teach for America operates while at the same time prohibiting them from applying. Kopp has based an entire business on that one notion. This year we'll be able to find out if this is true, of if Teach for America is founded on a phony, contrived principal which has prevented millions of children of color living in poverty from having professional teachers.

In regard to great educators, Great Schools for America promotes these three basic ideas:

  1. Every child deserves a professional teacher when one is available.
  2. Principals, administrators, and superintendents should be instructional leaders.
  3. Taxpayer dollars should fund only public schools staffed by licensed, professionally trained educators.

Over the past two decades an effort to discredit the teaching profession and replace educators with unqualified staff has gained the support of our federal government. The Billionaire Boys Club, as defined by Diane Ravitch in her book The Life and Death of the Great American School System, headed by Bill Gates, Eli Broad and the Wal-Mart family, hedge fund managers and bankers, wants to own our public schools and deregulate the teaching profession. Through nonprofit organizations such as Teach for America, The New Teacher Project, New Leaders for New Schools, the KIPP Foundation, The Broad Center, and many others, they staff schools with people who have little or no education credentials or experience.

In 2010, Wendy Kopp received a 50 million dollar grant for Teach for America from the Department of Education. Kopp’s husband, Richard Barth, received a 50 million dollar grant for KIPP. Neither Kopp nor Barth is a professionally trained educator. Both are extremely well funded and favored by the Billionaire Boys. The mission of these two organizations is to staff schools with unqualified personnel while collecting from taxpayers, at both the local and federal levels, a premium for their services.

If you are a licensed teacher (or soon will be) looking for a teaching position, please apply to Teach for America.

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