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Great Programs

“Children and teachers have the right to enjoy school at all grade levels.”

Stephen Krashen –
Emeritus Professor, USC

Every child deserves great programs from which to learn. Great curriculum lies at the heart of every excellent institution of learning. Teacher made and approved programs tailored to the intellingences, learning styles, and needs of students have proven to be effective learning tools. Programs that provide instruction and continuous, consistent assessment and feedback while allowing students to activiely participate by using their creativity and imagination are highly prized and make school a happy place to be.

More and more schools are being pressured to purchase corporate packaged programs at exorbitant prices. These programs promise higher test scores and little else. We believe teachers and students are vital stakeholders in the learning process and should not be excluded from it. Our dollars can be better spent by providing educators and students with the resources necessary to take ownership of their own learning.

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