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Organization Name: Parent Revolution
Company Line: Parent Revolution's mission is to transform underperforming public schools by empowering parents to advocate for what is good for children, not adults, through grassroots community organizing.
Bottom Line: In 2009, parents in Sacramento demanded the ALEC style Parent Empowerment Act, often called the "Parent Trigger" law, that allows parents at underperforming schools to demand real improvements if the parents organize the majority of parents at their children’s school. Parents, funded by the Gates, Walton, Arnold, Broad and other foundations, ultimately succeeded. The California legislature passed of the country's first-ever Parent Trigger law in January 2010. The epic-fail movie, Won’t Back Down, chronicles a pseudo-struggle, sort of. The group advocates closing down neighborhood schools and replacing them with privately run charter schools.
Year Established: 2009
Organization Type: Nonprofit
Major Donors: California Education Policy Fund, East Bay Community Foundation, Silicon Valley Community Foundation, Biller Foundation, Emerson Collective, Rogers Family Foundation, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors, Walton Foundation, Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation, Wasserman Foundation, Arnold Family Foundation
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