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Edwatch: Learning Forward

Organization Name: Learning Forward
Company Line: Learning Forward advances educator effectiveness and student results through standards-based professional learning.
Bottom Line: National Staff Development Council changed its name to Learning Forward in 2010.

According to the organization's website:

“In 1969, a small band of a new breed of educator – the staff developer – met in Minneapolis, Minn. Since then, the organization has grown in many ways – number of members, diversity of products and services, and a purpose tied directly to student achievement. The field has also matured.”

According to Guide Star, the ruling year is 1993 but the organization has only filed tax returns with them since 2009. The “new breed” of educators now running the show are corporate reformers.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation provides funding to support the 2014 Annual Conference in further developing iPD for its members, to support Learning Forward's annual conferences and a special issue of the organization's magazine, to help align states’ and districts’ professional development programs in support of implementing the Common Core State Standards - 2011.- 2014.
Year Established: 1993
Organization Type: Nonprofit
Major Donors: Wallace Foundation, Sandler Foundation, MetLife Foundation, Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation, Arthur Vining Davis Foundation
Where the Money Goes
990 Tax Documents:


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