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Edwatch: Washington Policy Center

Organization Name: Washington Policy Center
Company Line: Washington Policy Center (WPC) is an independent, non-profit, non-partisan think tank that promotes sound public policy based on free-market solutions.
Bottom Line: Although Washington Policy Center purports itself to be a non-partisan think tank, a look at its Annual Dinner keynote speakers disputes that claim -- former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton, Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, and columnist Charles Krauthammer to name a few. With assets of about $2 million, it causes a lot of confusion and does considerable damage in an effort to promote privatization of public entities.

WPC employs not one education expert yet promotes its own education policies as if it had clout in that area. This is a common practice among phony education reform nonprofits. WPC supports the ALEC education agenda. WPC also manages Washington Votes, Washington Policy Blog, and Olympia Policy Watch. WPC claims that 60% of its funding comes from individuals, 25% from foundations, and the rest from businesses.
Year Established: 1996
Organization Type: Nonprofit
Major Donors:
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