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Edwatch: KIPP Foundation

Organization Name: KIPP Foundation
Company Line: In 2000, Doris and Don Fisher, co-founders of Gap Inc., formed a unique partnership with KIPP co-founders Mike Feinberg and Dave Levin to replicate the success of the two original KIPP Academies through the non-profit KIPP Foundation. The KIPP Foundation recruits, trains and supports outstanding leaders to open and sustain locally-run KIPP schools in high-need communities. The KIPP Foundation does not manage KIPP schools, but is responsible for supporting excellence and sustainability across the network, and coordinating national innovation efforts. Each KIPP school is run by a KIPP-trained school leader and governed by a local board of directors.
Bottom Line: The KIPP Foundation supports KIPP schools, recruits and hires uncertified teachers and administrators at great expense to donors and taxpayers.
Year Established: 2000
Organization Type: Nonprofit
Major Donors: Credit Suisse American Foundation, Credit Suisse, Arthur And Toni Rembe Rock, Anonymous, Jack Kent Cooke Foundation, Thomas And Susan Dunn, Schwab Foundation, Rainwater Charitable Foundation, Citi Foundation, Accenture, Wallace Foundation, Bezos Family Foundation,, New Profit Inc., Robertson Foundation, Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, Arnold Family Foundation, Karsh Family Foundation, Bain & Company, Atlantic Philanthropies, The Walton Family Foundation, Doris & Donald Fisher Fund, The Broad Foundation, Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation
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