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Bill Gates Explains Common Core Business

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Oregon Super Threatens Teachers

Edwatch: Achievement Network, The (ANet)

Organization Name: Achievement Network, The (ANet)
Company Line: The Achievement Network (ANet) provides tools and support for urban, low-income schools to close the achievement gap and raise student achievement.
Bottom Line: The Achievement Network reform organization collects and analyzes data of poor and minority students to determine the size of the achievement gap.

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation provides funding to support implementation of the Common Core State Standards - 2013.
Year Established: 2005
Organization Type: Nonprofit
Major Donors: Taxpayer Fees For Service, Flamboyan Foundation, Michael & Susan Dell Foundation, Newark Charter School Fund, Shippy Foundation, George H. And Jane A. Mifflin Memorial Fund, Amelia Peabody Foundation, The Walton Family Foundation, Carnegie Corporation Of New York, Bill And Melinda Gates Foundation, The Broad Foundation, NewSchools Venture Fund, U.S. Department Of Education
Where the Money Goes
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