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EdWatch is an evolving database constructed to illuminate the connections between wealthy individuals, the proliferation of tax-exempt nonprofit organizations, and policies that divert massive sums of both public and private money to these ventures. Most of these organizations have been formed since the inception of No Child Left Behind in the year 2000.

Under the provisions of No Child Left Behind and through many organizations like the ones listed here, our public school system is being stealthily co-opted by America's elite. In 2009, Rahm Emanuel called it The Quiet Revolution. In his New York Times op-ed column, David Brooks, speaking of Arne Duncan, gushes over these education reform ideas, and quotes Jeb Bush as saying, “President Obama has been supporting a reform secretary, and this is deserving of Republican support.”

When Jeb Bush suggests an Obama agenda deserving of Republican support, it's worth a second glance. And, when President Obama praises Jeb Bush on education reform, something's rotten in the state of these United States. EdWatch is presented here to shed some light on “education reform” and the reformers.

Both Democrats and Republicans have enthusiastically embraced Race to the Top and the Common Core State Standards. But, recently a curious public has begun to question the efficacy of these so-called reforms. Today, the Quiet Revolution has become quite noisy.

If you know of an organization that deserves the scrutiny of EdWatch, please e-mail us at We'll check it out.


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How to use Education Watch

Organization Name:

The Organization Name is linked to its website. By clicking on the link you will be transported off the Great Schools for America website and onto the official company website.

Company Line:

The Company Line is the mission statement exactly as it appears on the corporation’s website. In some instances the company vision is also included.

Bottom Line:

The Bottom Line explains how the company impacts education in reality. It includes information about major funders, key people, and the role the organization plays in the privatization of our public schools.

Year Established:

The Year Established is of some significance since most of these corporations were founded after 2000, or since the inception of No Child Left Behind. Older institutions have been influenced by donations from venture philanthropists.

Organization Type:

Organization Type refers to Nonprofit and For-profit corporations. Education nonprofits are often funded by wealthy venture philanthropists, most notably: the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Walton Foundation, and the Broad Foundation. IRS 990 forms for nonprofits are provided below. For-profits corporations may also be funded by wealthy charitable foundations but are more often funded by venture capitalists and hedge fund managers.

Major Donors:

Major Donors are listed whenever they can be identified. By clicking on a major donor, you will be transported to a page on the Great Schools for America website that lists other corporations funded by that donor. While we try to keep this list as up-to-date as possible, it by no means lists all corporations funded by a particular donor.

Where the Money Goes
990 Tax Documents:

By clicking on a year, you will be connected to the IRS 990 form filed by a nonprofit corporation. The documents provide a treasure trove of information including names of board members, company assets, salaries of highest paid employees, how the money was spent, and much, much more about Where the Money Goes.


So Whom Can We Trust? The GSA Blogroll!

Connect with real reformers listed on the Great Schools for America Blogroll. You'll find yourself among friends with the common mission of advocating for great public schools. This list is by no means inclusive of all the great bloggers out there fighting for real reform. If you'd like to make a suggestion, let us know at  We'll check it out.

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